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Some of my older creations see page new gallery for newer pics

Click on picture for larger view.

Segmented vase
top view of segmented vase
segmented alder vase
alder segmented vase top view
segmented urn
segmented urn top view
segmented bowl
segmented bowl top view
segmented turned bowl
top view of turned segmented bowl
turned segmented bowl
top view of bowl
turned segmented bowl
top view of segmented bowl
simple segmented bowl
turned cherry pot
top view of cherry pot
turned cherry vase with flowers
top view of cherry vase
Laminated segmented vase
top view laminated vase
another laminated vase
top view laminted vase
sleek segmented vase
top view of sleek vase
segmented diamond pattern
top view of diamond
another diamond pattern
top view of another diamond
segmented bowl with fan pattern ring
top view of fan pattern ring
opposing segments
top view opposing segments
laminated slant pot
top view of slant